How you can apply for a job in the UK directly from India

I have read many of your comments and you all have asked to make a video on this topic so here I am making one for you
As there are many people who can’t migrate to the UK on a student route as the cost of living and university tuition fee is very high over here
so if you are already working in India or your home country and would like to move here so this is also one of the option for you to come and work in the UK
However this option also takes so much time. You need good work experience, luck and how you apply.
So in this video I am going to explain how you can apply for a job in the UK directly from India
and what all things you need like what is Occupation List, Shortage occupation list and what is the salary requirement
Once you have find the right job.. how you need to apply for it then.. you will need CV, Cover letter so in this video I am going to explain all about that so let’s dive into..
So.. I am going to make it very simple. I am gonna tell you how to proceed in steps and how to apply for a job
so first of all.. if you are working in India or any other country, you will need to apply under Skilled Worker Visa. This was previously known as Tier 2 general visa but now the name has been changed to Skilled Worker Visa
So if you are in India and you are applying from there then make sure apply under Skilled Worker Visa category
So lets take it step by step. First step is.. when you are looking for a job in the UK.. you will have some job type/ title in your mind that what kind of job you are looking in the UK
Let’s take a job title example: “Data Analyst”. So firstly.. you need find out if this job comes under occupation List or not..
Now one is Eligible Occupation List and other is Shortage Occupation List. Jobs under shortage occupation list have high demand in the UK
If your job comes under this Shortage Occupation List then it will be a bit easy for you to get a job in the UK as there is already a high demand of this job type in the UK
So the employers will try to hire international candidates as well however if the job type is in Eligible Occupation List then also you are eligible to apply for a job in the UK
Now let’s see some links to find what is Eligible Occupation List and Shortage Occupation List
Most of these links are from UK Government website
so this link is about eligible occupation and codes and was published on 1st December 2020. Here you can find your desired job title and their codes. If it’s listed here then you can apply for that job
Now lets find out “Data analyst”. This job is mentioned under “Business and related associate professionals not elsewhere classified” with the code 3539
You will need this code later but for now our main motive is to find out the the job title you are looking for is listed in this list or not. So this job title is mentioned here hence you can go for it..
The other one is Shortage occupation list. In which there are jobs like Chemical Scientists, Biological scientist, Physical scientists, engineering geologist. So all these jobs have very high demand in the UK
Now let’s talk about the minimum salary requirement. So the minimum salary you would need is £25,000 per annum
But this depends on the going rate of job type you are applying for…
Let me show you on the website.. what does going rate mean
so here lets see Electrical Engineer and the going rate of this job is £29,600
that means £25,000 salary won’t apply here.. you will need atleast £29,600 salary if you are applying for Electrical Engineer
If the employer is willing to pay atleast this much salary for this job type then you can apply for the Skilled Worker Visa once you get the job
Now in this step let’s say you have find out the job your are looking for is listed under either Eligible occupation list of Shortage occupation list. So how would you go about finding jobs in the company..
Let me take you to the website provided by UK Government to find A rated companies as you can’t just apply to any company. It has to be a sponsor company/ A rated company
because if they are ready to give you a job in the UK.. then they have the license to provide “Certificate Of Sponsorship” to you
This “CoS” letter is very important in order to apply under Skilled Worker Visa category
Only few companies in the UK comes under A rated category and the UK Government publish the list of these companies on their website. Let me show you this website and the list..
So here is this website “Register Of Sponsors (Worker And Temporary Worker Routes”. The list was last updated/published on 12-March-2021.
So all these companies listed here are “A rated” companies. If you get a job in one of these companies then they will provide you with a “CoS” letter and that you will need while applying for the Visa
however in this website it’s not very easy to find jobs as there are no links to the company website hence I have found another website for you guys..
so this website “” is almost same as the other one and all the companies listed here exactly matches with the other one.
In this website.. you can easily filter the industry and town you are looking a job in.. let’s say filter the list by “IT/Telecommunication” and select the town “London”.
now this list is for specific industry type and you can see there are 286 companies listed here with their website link. You can go the company website’s career section to look for a job and apply from there
it has LinkedIn, Facebook and the company websites links so you can apply from either of these
so that was one of the way to look for a job by going to these company’s websites and their career section and applying from there
the other way is.. all these A rated companies posts their jobs on LinkedIn,, and Total jobs
so you can apply from there as well
there is a third option as well to apply for jobs in the UK. There is another UK Gov website.. let’s take you to that..
so this website is from UK Gov.. you will need to start here and create an account. Once you find a company get a job from here.. the employer will provide you with a CoS letter
Now what’s the next step… you have find the job you are looking for and the job description. Now you need to prepare your CV according to this job description
You will need to prepare CV and Cover letter both as per UK job market. You can watch my this video where I have explained how you can prepare both
so after making the CV and Cover letter.. let’s say you have applied for the jobs from any of the websites which I have mentioned in this video
now you only have to wait for the interview call..
In the interview there might be many rounds.. most probably the first one is the telephonic round. In this round.. mostly they want to hear your experience.. your ability for the job… why you are the right candidate etc
After that.. they will let you know about the next rounds of interviews which could be either Skype, Zoom or any. So they will let you know how it will be conducted
so there might be number of interview rounds in the job process

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