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how to move to Australia kind of took off and it got a lot of views I got so many questions about how to get a job in Australia what the visa system is like all of that kind of stuff and I know I promised to make a video for you guys and I just never got around to it live honestly just got in the way so I’m here now I’m ready to make the video another reason actually why I did kind of hold off a little bit is because in April they came out with all of these changes to the skilled workers visa and that visa actually does not exist anymore but we will talk about that later so basically I am here I’m ready to talk about all of this if you’re.

I am originally from Canada I just moved to Australia actually like 13 or 14 months ago now and I was working in recruitment in Australia for that whole year and previous to that I was in Canada working in recruitment as well right out of university um and one of the regions that I was staffing for was Sydney before I moved over here so I do have a couple of years off I guess Australian Sydney recruitment under my belt and yeah I’m ready to tackle this for you guys okay so I have my laptop here with like my notes so in case I’m looking down and stuff that’s what I’m looking at so the first part of this video is just gonna be my top three main tips for finding a job as an expat in Australia and then the second part of my video or of this video is going to be talking.

all about the four five seven visa changes and what that means for expats and skilled workers alright so getting a job in Australia as an expat my first tip tip number one is it’s really important if you’re moving over here to apply for the same job or similar jobs that you had back home so I know that a lot of people kind of move countries or you know seek that expat adventure I guess because they’re looking for a change in their career or just like a complete life change obviously being an expat is going to be a complete life change but I don’t think you should choose to be an expat if you’re trying to change the direction of your career when you move overseas at leastyou know to Australia you’re probably going to actually have to take a step back in your career and it’s gonna be so much harder to find a job if you don’t already have experience in that industry and in that role so I think it’s really important to look for roles that end industries that align with what you’ve been doing in the past back in your home country and if you’re moving to Australia then you’re really lucky because the Australian job market actually really likes international experience they like expats even though

I don’t know some some might say and

they don’t but for the most part, what I’ve seen is they really actually do value international experience now if you’re a fresh grad and you don’t have a career to kind of apply for jobs and you have not much on your resume then like honestly this video is probably not for you because it is so easy to get a job as a fresh grad if you’re coming over on your working holiday visa now it is going to be near impossible to get sponsored because you will not have enough years of experience under your belt and like and I’ll talk about the visa changes in a bit it didn’t used to be as hard to get sponsored as a fresh grad but now it is almost impossible but if you’re just coming to Australia on your working holiday visa you’re planning on being here for a year or you know doing your farm work and staying for the second year or whatever it is and you can only work in one job for six

months at a time anyways on that visa so chances are you’re probably going to be working in hospitality or you know like a call center or something like that and there is just so many opportunities here for you like people will hire you the first day you get here so don’t worry about that you’re good to come on over and you will get a job okay tip  number two I have is going through a recruitment agency so I know that recruitment  agencies don’t have the best reputation

I totally get it working in a recruitment agency myself I heard it all the time from both clients and candidates nobody really likes to use recruiters the reason why I say use an agency instead of going direct is that first of all agencies have a number of jobs on their books at one time and if you’re going to some of the bigger ones like haze or Randstad like they’re going to have whole departments that have a million different jobs so or sorry like a bunch of different departments with a bunch of different jobs um.

so basically you have you know way more chances of getting something they work with ex-pats all the time and recruitment is a big industry here so I know it’s similar back in the UK recruitment agencies are still quite big.

in North America, it’s not so much a thing so that was something that really did surprise me when I moved here but the recruitment game is still pretty big here a lot of companies use recruiters because they just they’re either coming over from the States or the UK and they don’t have a big enough office yet to have an internal recruiter or whatever it is it is still pretty big here a recruitment consultant is on the market day in and day out they know it’s so so well so they will really be able to advise you and kind of help you along in that job search and if you’re a good candidate there is literally nothing that can stop a recruitment consultant from getting you in front of a client’s.

good candidates our money to recruitment consultants to agency recruiters and I can’t even tell you the number of times that we had expat candidates or candidates who were on visas and they needed to transfer whatever it was and because of the relationship that my company or myself or whoever in the team had with that client we actually placed them even though the company would say like we are not taking visas we don’t accept you know we don’t sponsor people

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